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Our Story

How can we connect through small intimate communities, while building genuine and sustainable relationships for support, for fun, and for the long-term?

How can these tiny supportive communities connect to build larger interconnected communities?

And, how can we normalize forming these tiny communities so that people get and stay connected, help each other solve problems, and give and receive reliable emotional support throughout their lives?

Our Founding Team


Nina Del Marr


I live to connect people to their inner purpose as a coach, speaker, and community builder. In my experiences leading and creating workshops at educational institutions such as the University of Oxford, MindValley University and Tech Open Air, and as a founding member of Woven, a women’s empowerment and support network, I’ve seen how inner wisdom can transform communities. I founded Cirkel to transform how we connect with each other in a way that’s scalable and makes true impact in the world.  Listed on Sifted/Financial Times as one of the 40+ Black & Mixed Race Female Founders in Europe that should be known.


Sidhartha Mohanty

Sales & Marketing

I am an advocate of change. In my experiences founding startups (and failing twice), I’ve learned that adapting to change creates sustainable inner growth, enables effective collaborations, and has made me a kick-ass people manager. I am passionate about helping individuals build sustainable lives and entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses. With my extensive experience in sales, marketing, and managing people, my role in Cirkel is to keep us moving toward our ultimate goal of creating a sustainable business that supports and builds communities that change the world.


Steffen Weber

CFO + Legal

As one of the youngest activists in the East German Opposition Movement, and co-founder of the New World Fellowships Foundation, a collaborative platform that brings together influential leaders from multiple arenas, I know how the power of a few can create great impact. I’ve worked for more than a decade in Brussels with the EU building my own ‘cirkels’, and so have gained valuable insight into how organizations work and how organizational changes really happen. As an internationally trained lawyer and political scientist, I focus on ensuring that Cirkel thrives internationally.


Nadine Michalske


Peter Massine

Founder, Apassionata World GmbH


Nicolai Strom-Olsen

Founder, Startup Migrants


Navin Pillay

Founder, Holia GmbH


Christian Schmitz

Founder, PDIE Group


Laurie Kalter

Faculty, The Center for Mind-Body Institute

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