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WHY / Our Mission

It’s not enough for organizations who say they prioritize psychological safety amongst employees to tout the company’s positive culture of wellbeing-first, intentionality, and innovation in company wide meetings, mass emails, and mandatory or voluntary training.

We’re helping to put what is preached into practice in effective, enjoyable, genuine, and thoughtful ways that actually move the needle from isolation to inclusion, from fear to confidence, from judgment to curiosity, and stagnation to productivity and innovation.

Why Now?

HOW / The 4 Pillars

We’re promoting and creating psychological safety in tiny communities within the workforce by developing peer support systems based on 4 Pillars: Co-Creation, Commonality, Intimacy, and Consistency. These 4 Pillars are central to building any productive, effective, enduring, and genuine group dynamic.

Cirkel 4 Pillars: CoCreation, Commonality, Intimacy, and Consistency

Co-Creation: Everyone Owns The Group

Intimacy: Small Support Group

Commonality: Shared Goals

Consistency: Same Time, Same Place, Every time

When group members meet at the same time and place every week, every other week, or every month, they are more likely to stay engaged, stay excited, connect, feel part of a community, and reach that common goal. Consistency builds connection, trust, and productivity.

Tiny Communities

WHAT / Tiny Communities

Using our proprietary Cirkel Method for effective team dynamics and productivity, 4 employees get together to work consistently on a common goal over a set period of time. In so doing:

The Cirkel Method

The Cirkel Method