Build Tiny Communities.
Make Great Impact.

Enable employees to Co-Create Intimate, purpose-driven, and Diverse tiny communities based on Trust, Commonality, and Consistency to develop a Psychologically Safe and Innovative working environment.

Psychological Safety


of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.


7 out
of 10

employees feel their opinions DON’T matter at work.


$600 billion

a year is lost on employee turnover.


Build Community in Your Org

Use our scalable human focused and tech-supported model for effective and purposeful communication, engagement, and productivity to create peer support systems that transform the way your employees engage with each other and their work. Each member of a tiny community agrees to meet consistently over a set period of time to achieve a shared goal, and build a long-term support system within their larger teams.

Our proprietary Cirkel Method builds trust through Co-Creation, Commonality, Intimacy, and Consistency so that each member develops strong interpersonal skills, such as compassion, self-compassion, and empathy, empowering them to become vital contributors to their organization.

When employees feel safe, included, and empowered:

employees are


less stressed


more engaged


more productive

less turnover

probability workers will apply new skills on the job

more cash flow per employee

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